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French Polynesia and specifically Bora Bora are famous locations to get married. Famous people, celebrities and regular folks from all over the World fly to this paradise to have a beach ceremony at one of the private beaches. There are only a few islands in the World that can compete in exclusivity, gorgeous views : Amanpulo, Philippines; Maldives; Seychelles and Fiji.  As a destination wedding photography studio  we travel all over the World for clients who don’t want to settle for mediocre, value their memories and looking for the best wedding photographers to capture all the moments creatively and through our photojournalistic background.

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Weddings in Bora Bora are not for frugal couples and sometimes we are surprised when couples don’t realize what an experienced wedding photographer costs. Over the years we’ve seen couples spending upwards $100,000 for flowers and decor, which is only for 1 day(usually around 8 hours), yet were surprised when were given a quote for our services which starts at $5000. Not only do we spend upwards 18 hours on the day of the wedding, after that, we edit and retouch by hand every single image. The editing process can take between 60-90 hours.   Our fees also allow us to purchase and use the most advanced photo equipment that is not available to part time photographers or cheap wedding photographers. And in most cases the difference between our quote is a quote of a studio with barely any experience is just 10-20%.

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What makes us better than other photo studios in Bora Bora?  It is impossible to describe our style and we can certainly spend a lot of time listing 100s of our awards, magazine covers and features. However, it would be easier if you just visited our website and the blog to see what we do.  We attempt to mix photojournalistic coverage along with editorial and creative style. We love capturing the elegance and beauty. After more than 14 years, we also got quite proficient at capturing all the raw emotions: tears at the ceremony; all the laughs and intimate moments throughout the day.

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If these images look something you would want from your own event, please visit our website to see many more samples of our work from various destination weddings: If you live in USA or Canada, an appointment may the best way to get to know each other. Otherwise we can plan your destination wedding via email, phone or even Skype.